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Innovative technology for even more comfort

Around one third of the total water consumption in households, hotels or sports facilities is needed just for showers and personal hygiene - a very large amount. Saving definitely pays off here! However, conventional economy shower heads have a major disadvantage: less water also means less showering comfort.

With the innovative Ecowaterjet technology from Rabmer, we have the solution - through a small turbine, which can be easily and quickly installed by anyone, a strongly swirled water-air mixture is generated, which saves up to 50% percent water and energy and thus also costs - without decreasing the shower jet intensity. So you enjoy 100% showering comfort.

Good reasons for the Ecowaterjet from Rabmer


You save water and energy
With the Ecowaterjet system, you can reduce hot water and energy consumption in the shower by up to 50% while maintaining full showering comfort. This makes it possible to reduce the flow rate to up to 6 liters per minute without any loss of comfort. For washbasins, consumption is reduced to an economical 5 liters per minute. This not only saves water, but also enormous amounts of expensive energy.


You reduce your costs
Less (hot) water consumption means lower costs for energy, drinking water and sewerage charges. On average, a four-person household saves around 440 euros per year, a business hotel with 100 rooms around 13,000 euros per year. With a very short payback period of just a few months, the investment in the Ecowaterjet system pays for itself very quickly. Ecowaterjet is therefore a quick win for the environment and your wallet.


You enjoy full showering comfort
The special feature of Ecowaterjet technology is that the shower comfort is maintained. By adding air, the water jet feels the same as before - you won't notice any difference!


They ensure hygiene
The shower hose and shower head remain free of deposits and biofilm thanks to the strong turbulence of the water with the addition of air. The risk of germ formation and legionella is reduced. In addition, Ecowaterjet is OFI CERT ZI-21 certified and has been awarded the "European medal".


You are using a tested and award-winning system
The function of the Ecowaterjet, which was developed and produced in Austria, has been tested and confirmed by independent experts and TÜV Austria. It is also classified as an energy efficiency measure and has been awarded the Federal Ecolabel and the Energy Globe Upper Austria.


You protect the environment
Less energy consumption also means that lessCO2 is released. A household with four people saves around 400 kg ofCO2 per year with the Ecowaterjet, while a business hotel with 100 rooms saves around 28,000 kg ofCO2 per year. In addition, unnecessary waste is avoided as you can continue to use your existing shower head.

You avoid unnecessary waste
Ecowaterjet fits every standard fitting. This means that the water and energy-saving turbine can be easily retrofitted in any bathroom. What's more, your existing shower head does not need to be replaced!

You trust in an innovative family business
The Rabmer Group is an Upper Austrian family business in the 2nd generation and has been combining tradition with ongoing innovation, regional roots with international success for 60 years already. You can trust in that!

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The online savings calculator

Find out how much water, energy and costs you can save!

How the Ecowaterjet from Rabmer works

The Ecowaterjet is screwed into the fitting in front of the shower hose - quickly and easily.

By narrowing the diameter in the form of a funnel, the water in it is greatly accelerated. This creates a vacuum, which causes air to be drawn in via a bypass and mixed with the water. The volume of the strongly swirled, air-enriched water is thus increased.

Despite a water reduction of up to 50% percent, the comfort of showering is maintained.

In addition, the strong water jet cleans the shower hose and shower head: The Ecowaterjet thus prevents deposits and biofilm from forming in the shower hose or shower head. The risk of germ formation and legionella is reduced.

Our services for you


Our experts will provide you with detailed information on saving water and energy.


We will help you choose the right type and, in the case of larger objects, we will also carry out joint tests on site.


Our team will be happy to assist you in calculating your individual savings potential with Ecowaterjet technology.


You will receive a certificate from us for the set energy efficiency measure according to EEffG for your energy supplier.


On request, we can install the Ecowaterjet system in your company or arrange for a suitable specialist installer.


We are here for you - and answer your questions (price, technology, etc.).

Installation guide

Ecowaterjet by Rabmer
The water saving system for the shower

Screw in and start saving. Mounted in just a few steps.
No tools required! This is how it works:


Ecowaterjet bucket test

How to measure your water consumption in the shower!

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