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Ecowaterjet® DELUXE - Hand shower set

69,90 incl. VAT

The water-saving miracle with the original Ecowaterjet® as a complete solution for your shower!

The complete DELUXE hand shower set for your bathroom, consisting of

  • Ecowaterjet® - save up to 50% water and energy
  • DELUXE shower head with great water jet
  • High quality shower hose, rotatable on both sides
  • 100% shower pleasure
  • Annual savings in a 4-person household of up to €440,-.
  • Money back guarantee
  • TÜV certified

Additional information

Weight 0,7 kg
Size 33 × 22 × 8 cm

With the Austrian invention Ecowaterjet® Rabmer offers the solution to save water quickly, easily and efficiently. With this small turbine, which can also be easily retrofitted, up to 50% of water and energy costs can be saved when showering. The special feature of the innovative, patented Ecowaterjet® technology is that showering comfort is maintained. By adding air, the water jet is almost as strong as before. This effect is unique. More information at


Technical details

  • Item weight: 599 g
  • Product weight incl. packing: 680 g
  • Dimension shower head (L x W x H in mm): 240 x 60 x 15
  • Economy fitting: Ecowaterjet® WR4 (Up to 50% reduction)
  • Shower head: DELUXE 1 jet
  • Hose: length 175 cm, free-rotating on both sides
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