Ecowaterjet set for shower and washbasin

64,80 incl. VAT

Save water and energy with the Original Ecowaterjet and 1 aerator as a complete solution for showers and washbasins!

The set for your bathroom, consisting of

  • Ecowaterjet - save up to 50% water and energy in the shower
  • Jet regulator for the washbasin reduces water consumption to 5 liters per minute, independent of pressure.
  • 100% shower pleasure
  • quick and easy to mount on the fitting
  • Annual savings in a 4-person household of up to € 440,-.
    (Based on water and energy prices in Vienna as of August 2022)
  • Money back guarantee
  • TÜV certified
  • Austrian Ecolabel

Start saving water and energy now and get our innovative Ecowaterjet energy-saving systems for showers and flow reducers for basin mixers. You will save money, reduce water and energy consumption and thus also CO2 emissions. Good for reducing household costs and good for the environment!

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Size 35 × 22 cm


With the Ecowaterjet produced in Austria, Rabmer offers the solution for saving water quickly, easily and efficiently. This small turbine, which can also be easily retrofitted, can save up to 50% of water and energy costs when showering. The special feature of the innovative Ecowaterjet technology is that showering comfort is maintained. By adding air, the water jet is almost as powerful as before.

Be careful with existing low-flow shower heads! These are often marked with the addition "Green" or "ECO" in the product name and contain built-in plastic parts that restrict the water flow. This can result in the water accelerated by the Ecowaterjet being slowed down considerably in the low-flow shower head - a recoil effect occurs and water escapes from the air hole in the Ecowaterjet. In this case, we recommend removing the water-saving insert or strainer from the shower head or purchasing an Ecowaterjet shower set. Please also pay attention to the current flow rate - if, for example, only 8 liters/minute or less are flowing through the shower head due to low water pressure, then a further reduction with Ecowaterjet is no longer possible without loss of comfort.

The innovative jet regulator reduces water consumption at the washbasin to an incredible 5 liters per minute. Air admixture creates a pleasant and soft comfort jet with a splash-free and perfect water discharge. Thereby it comes to no impairment of the washing result. The absolute MUST for water savers and environmentally conscious people.


More information about the Ecowaterjet at


Technical details Ecowaterjet:

  • Item weight: 10 g
  • Product weight incl. packing: 200 g
  • Dimension (L x Ø in mm): 35 x 22
  • Color chrome
  • Connection 1/2″ thread


Technical details aerator:

  • For M22 female thread or M24 male thread on taps
  • Flow stabilizer 5 liters per minute
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