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The urgency of saving water

Catalonia, known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and vibrant cities, is facing a growing challenge: a water crisis. The region, normally blessed with lush forests and picturesque rivers, is struggling with an alarming water emergency: once-flowing rivers and lush springs are drying up, while dams and reservoirs are experiencing falling levels. Agriculture, a key economic sector in the region, is suffering from water shortages, leading to crop losses and economic losses. At the same time, low water levels are putting pressure on ecosystems and threatening biodiversity in the region.

A variety of factors are contributing to the water crisis in Catalonia. Climate change has altered rainfall patterns and led to longer periods of drought. At the same time, population growth has increased the demand for water, both for human consumption and for agriculture and industry.

Saving water is the order of the day
In light of the current water emergency in Catalonia, it is imperative that we all recognize our responsibility and take action to save and conserve water. Every drop counts and even small measures can make a big difference.

Halve water consumption when showering - with full comfort
Saving water doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort. The Ecowaterjet water and energy-saving system by Rabmer can reduce water consumption in the shower by up to 50 percent thanks to its special technology, while still offering 100% showering comfort. The savings calculation shows: With Ecowaterjet in the shower, a two-person household can save around 22,000 liters of water per year and a hotel with 100 rooms can save around 1,500,000 liters of water. With Ecowaterjet, everyone - private individuals, hotels, fitness studios, companies, local authorities, schools, etc. - can make their contribution and save water sustainably.

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