Reduce water consumption, save energy and cut operating costs.

The ecowaterjet water-saving insert for the shower can be installed easily and quickly by anyone & produces a highly swirled water-air mixture that saves up to 50 percent water and energy and therefore costs - with 100 percent showering pleasure.

Why should you use ecowaterjet®?

You save water and energy
With ecowaterjet, you save up to four buckets of water per showering session. This means that water and energy consumption is reduced by up to 50 percent.

You reduce your costs
With ecowaterjet a four person household saves about 400 Euro/year, a business hotel with 100 rooms about 13.000 Euro/year in costs for energy, drinking water and sewerage fees.

You enjoy high shower comfort
By adding air, the water jet with ecowaterjet feels the same as before - you won't notice any difference!

They ensure hygiene
Due to the strong turbulence of the water, the shower hose and the shower head remain free of deposits and biofilm. The risk of germ formation and legionella is reduced.

You protect the environment
Less energy consumption also means that less CO2 is released. A household with four people saves around 500 kg of CO2 annually with ecowaterjet, a business hotel with 100 rooms around 19 tons of CO2.

You use a patented system
ecowaterjet was developed and patented in Austria. Independent experts as well as TÜV Austria have tested and confirmed its function. In addition, ecowaterjet has been awarded the Federal Environmental Label.

What customers say about ecowaterjet®

"Have ecowaterjet in use myself and can only confirm: no loss of quality, with lower water consumption. Top and good value for money! "
Christian K.
"Absolutely top product. Keeps what it promises. Uses about half the water as before and I don't notice any difference when showering."
Michael S.
"Efficiency and technology are ideally matched and thus fit very well into today's time, where yes energy saving paired with water saving is of particular importance! "
Helmuth M.
"To be honest, I had not expected this savings result, because in the past we were often promised a lot, which was then not kept in the practical test. The ecowaterjet from Rabmer has completely convinced us. We can easily retrofit all our shower systems and thus save water and energy - without any loss of comfort for the guest and at the same time completely in the sense of our environment as well as our building biology Stanglwirt philosophy."
Elisabeth Hauser-Benz | 5* Organic and Wellness Resort Stanglwirt | Kitzbühel/Tyrol
"With ecowaterjet, we really do save water! Namely, water to an extent of up to 30 percent. But the ecological benefit is at least as important: This means that we need less energy to heat the water, which results in lower Co2 emissions. ecowaterjet is a product for perfect sustainability, and our visitors still have the highest showering pleasure in the hotel rooms and also in our facilities."
Patrick Hochhauser | Eurothermen Resorts | Bad Schallerbach/Upper Austria
"Am very convinced of the product. Installation was trouble-free and the result was great - the water pressure actually remained the same!"
Alexandra S.

Frequently asked questions

Savings & Hygiene

What can the ecowaterjet® do?
How much is the saving?
How can I measure the savings?
Are there any concerns from a hygiene perspective?
Which certificates does the ecowaterjet® have?

Installation & Function

How do I install my purchased ecowaterjet®?
Does the ecowaterjet® in the shower set also have to be replaced if, for example, the shower head no longer works or the hose is replaced?
Does the ecowaterjet® calcify if the water contains a lot of lime or does it then have to be removed and cleaned more often?
Water leaks from the air hole of the ecowaterjet®, is this normal?

You are an entrepreneur, an accommodation business, sports club or similar?

We will be happy to make you an individual offer!

  • New design

    Ecowaterjet® - save up to 50% water and energy with 100% comfort

    59,90 incl. VAT
  • Ecowaterjet® BLACK COATED - save up to 50% water and energy with 100% comfort

    64,70 incl. VAT
  • Ecowaterjet® WHITE COATED - save up to 50% water and energy with 100% comfort

    64,70 incl. VAT
  • Ecowaterjet® set for shower and sink

    64,80 incl. VAT
  • Black Weeks Deal

    Ecowaterjet® DELUXE - Hand shower set

    69,90 incl. VAT
  • Black Weeks Deal

    Ecowaterjet® DELUXE - Hand shower set black

    75,50 incl. VAT
  • Black Weeks Deal

    Ecowaterjet® Standard 1F - Hand shower set

    62,90 incl. VAT
  • Black Weeks Deal

    Ecowaterjet® overhead set - the eco rain shower for the connoisseur

    62,90 incl. VAT
  • 6 pcs. jet regulator/jet former inner part 5L/min

    28,56 incl. VAT
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