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Ecowaterjet in the hotel industry: 7 reasons why you should use the water saver from Rabmer in hotel showers

At a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, hotels are looking for effective ways to save water while offering guests the highest level of comfort. Ecowaterjet from Rabmer is an innovative solution designed specifically for hotels, focusing on both water savings and guest satisfaction.

Here are our 7 reasons why hotels should integrate Ecowaterjet into their facilities.

Water saving and environmental protection:
Ecowaterjet was developed to significantly reduce water consumption in hotel showers. Through the use of innovative technology and optimized water air mixing, a pleasantly strong and voluminous water jet is produced, offering a comfortable showering experience despite the reduced flow rate. This innovative technology enables hotels to save thousands of liters of water per year, thus contributing to the protection of water as a precious resource. How much water you could save in your case can be calculated in the savings calculator.

Energy efficiency and cost savings:
Water savings from Ecowaterjet also have a direct impact on energy efficiency and associated costs. By reducing hot water consumption, smaller volumes need to be heated, resulting in significant energy savings. Hotels can thus lower their energy costs while reducing their environmental footprint. Ecowaterjet thus offers a long-term cost-effective solution for hotels that want to optimize their energy consumption and operating costs. For example, a hotel with 100 rooms can reduce water consumption in showers by around 1.5 million liters and operating costs by around €13,000 per year.

Guest satisfaction and comfort:
Guest satisfaction is of utmost importance to hotels. With Ecowaterjet, hotels can continue to offer their guests a luxurious and comfortable showering experience. What makes Ecowaterjet technology special is that it maintains shower comfort. By adding air, the water jet feels the same as before. Despite the reduced water volume, Ecowaterjet produces a pleasantly strong water jet that delights guests. By offering their guests a comfortable stay while demonstrating sustainable measures, hotels can improve their image and strengthen their positive relationship with environmentally conscious guests.

Easy installation and compatibility:
Ecowaterjet installation is straightforward and does not require extensive remodeling or replacement of existing shower heads. As a positive side effect, this also eliminates unnecessary waste. Ecowaterjet simply screws between the faucet and the shower hose, allowing for smooth integration with existing bathroom fixtures. This simple installation minimizes disruption to guests and allows hotels to quickly reap the benefits of Ecowaterjet.

Hygiene and health:
With its powerful water jet, Ecowaterjet also ensures improved hygiene at the same time: the strong swirling of the water with the addition of air keeps the shower hose and shower head free of deposits and biofilm. This reduces the risk of germ formation and legionella. In addition, the Ecowaterjet "L" was developed especially for healthcare facilities, which actively protects against germs in the shower hose and shower head: After the showering process, the shower head is completely emptied or the shower hose is partially emptied by allowing the water to escape through the air hole installed in the Ecowaterjet.

Tested and awarded system:
The function of the Ecowaterjet, developed in Austria, has been tested and confirmed by independent experts and TÜV Austria. It is also classified as an energy efficiency measure and has been awarded the Federal Environmental Label and the Energy Globe Upper Austria. With Rabmer's Ecowaterjet system, hotels not only meet ESG and taxonomy requirements, but also the criteria for certification with the Austrian Ecolabel: With the Ecowaterjet system, you reduce water consumption in the showers to less than 8 l/min or in the washbasin to 5 l/min - without any loss of comfort for your guests.

Mutual trust:
The Rabmer Group is an Upper Austrian family business in its 2nd generation and has been combining tradition with ongoing innovation, regional roots with international success for 60 years already. Sustainability and environmental protection have always been deeply anchored in our corporate strategy, which is why we began specializing in innovative environmental technologies 30 years ago in addition to our regional focus on construction. In recent years, we have been able to support many companies in becoming more sustainable with our portfolio. If you are not satisfied with our product, we guarantee you a refund of the purchase price in the course of our satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we will gladly provide you with a free Ecowaterjet test kit for a hotel room.


Ecowaterjet from Rabmer is an excellent solution for hotels that want to save water and energy while offering their guests an excellent showering experience. Many well-known hotels, spas, sports and health facilities already rely on Rabmer's Ecowaterjet system. You can find an excerpt of our customers here. Our team will be happy to inform you in detail and without obligation about saving water and energy. Please use our contact form.

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