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Luxury meets environmental protection: Majorcan 5 star plus hotel Castell Son Claret enthusiastic about ecowaterjet

Beautifully located at the foot of the UNESCO-protected Tramuntana Mountains, just 30 minutes from Palma, Castell Son Claret is a unique luxury hotel in Mallorca. The former castle is a very special retreat for its guests and is one of the Leading Hotels of the World.

Balancing act: conserving resources and comfort for guests.
The sight of the majestic mountain range motivates and encourages the hotel owners every day to protect and preserve the island, to look for solutions to use resources sparingly and intelligently, to treat the environment with care and to operate sustainably. At the same time, the guests should be offered the highest comfort and a stay in a class of its own. For this reason, hotel director Björn Spaude decided to use the ecowaterjet water and energy saving system in the showers of the luxury hotel: "In our region, it is important to respect the valuable resource water, to use it efficiently and not to waste it - but we must not sacrifice comfort for our guests. With the ecowaterjet system, we achieve this balance: We sustainably save around 35% of water and energy, and our guests continue to enjoy optimal showering pleasure in the 43 rooms."

High savings realized quickly and easily
The ecowaterjet water-saving innovation was installed in a total of 43 showers. Annually, 800,000 liters of water, 33,000 kWh of energy and 11t of CO2 can be saved. The investment paid for itself completely in just under 6 months.

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