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SOS Children's Village saves 25 million liters of water annually

Rising energy prices pose enormous challenges for companies and private individuals alike. Quick and unbureaucratic help is needed here to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions. This applies in particular to charitable organizations that want to invest every penny saved directly in the well-being of their protégés. As part of a donation campaign, Pfandleihanstalt Erika Martetschläger GesmbH and the Rabmer Group are therefore equipping all SOS Children's Villages in Austria with a water and energy-saving system. 

Showering is increasingly becoming a luxury that puts a heavy strain on the household budget: Rising energy prices are causing the cost of heating water to skyrocket; there is currently no end in sight to the price increases. Neighbourhoods and accommodation run by non-profit organizations are also suffering from the additional burden. "In order to provide future generations of children with a future-proof, cost-efficient and loving home, a construction project has been launched at the SOS Children's Village in Altmünster. The donated water and energy-saving systems from Rabmer are therefore very much needed. They are another valuable building block for houses built to the latest ecological standards. What we save with them benefits the residents of our facilities," explains Gerhard Pohl, Head of SOS Children's Villages in Upper Austria.

Austria-wide 220,000 euros less operating costs per year
The children's aid organization has twelve locations in Austria, all of which have been equipped with Rabmer's water-saving system. "In Altmünster alone, we are talking about 60 mini-turbines that save the facility 2.3 million liters of water, 94,000 kWh of electricity and 31 tons
of CO2 per year. This results in a reduction in operating costs of around 20,000 euros."

"The children's aid organization uses a total of 653 of the mini-turbines in the showers throughout Austria, saving 25 million liters of water, one million kWh of energy and 330 tonnes ofCO2 every year. All in all, the operating costs of the SOS Children's Villages are reduced by 220,000 euros over the same period," calculates Ulrike Rabmer Koller, Managing Director of the Rabmer Group. The Upper Austrian company specializes in environmental technology relating to water resources and renewable energy and sells the mini-turbines worldwide.

Rabmer's water and energy saving system involves mini-turbines that are fitted between the shower fitting and hose. They reduce the amount of water flowing into the hose by up to 50 percent, but allow the water to flow out at greater pressure. "The fact that almost half is saved is not noticeable in the shower. So the SOS Children's Villages do not lose any comfort thanks to Rabmer's water and energy-saving system," Rabmer-Koller continues.

"We are pleased that our donation will enable the SOS Children's Village facilities to drastically reduce their water consumption and operating costs - freeing up the annual funds for more important investments. In addition, Rabmer's water and energy saving system will enable the children's aid organization to sustainably save water as well as energy and reduce its pollutant emissions. Since I am committed to the principle of 'helping people to help themselves' in my fundraising activities, I find this project particularly sustainable in both senses of the word," says Karin Meier-Martetschläger.

Rabmer Managing Director Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, Gerhard Pohl from SOS Children's Village Upper Austria, initiator Karin Meier-Martetschläger and Mayor of Altmünster Martin Pelzer

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